Article One’s Dr. Rachel Widdis speaks with IHRB and CoE on the future of human rights due diligence

March 10, 2023

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Dr. Rachel Widdis recently spoke with two key organizations on the future of human rights due diligence. Please check out her presentations with the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB) and the Council of Europe (CoE)’s Steering Committee for Human Rights.

Video #1: In this GFRR Insights presentation, Dr. Rachel Widdis, talks about key trends and the future of the EU Human Rights Due Diligence Directive and Responsible Recruitment.


Video #2: At the Council of Europe’s Workshop on Implementing Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence, Dr. Rachel Widdis speaks in Session #4 about her work with the Irish Coalition for Business and Human Rights (ICBHR).

(Advance to 1:44:36 of this video to see Dr. Widdis begin her presentation.)


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