Article One Speaks With the UN Global Compact Network Canada (Podcast)

May 14, 2016

In the News


Faris Natour, Principal at Article One, recently sat down with Jonathan Drimmer of the UN Global Compact Network Canada to discuss how the field of business and human rights has evolved over the last decade and the trends that are starting to emerge.

Faris reflects on his fifteen years of experience advising companies on human rights and applauds business for putting human rights at the top of the corporate responsibility agenda.  He notes that the bar has risen considerably for what good management of human rights impacts looks like. Indeed, much of Faris’s early years in the field was spent making the case that companies have a responsibility when it comes to human rights. However, with the launch of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights that debate has largely been put to rest and companies are now asking for guidance on how to show their respect for human rights.

To hear more on how the business and human rights field has evolved and where it is headed, listen to the full interview here.