Finite resources, the impacts of climate change, and rising inequalities around the world continue to burden economies, communities, and societies nearly everywhere. By placing people at the center of these challenges, we believe companies in virtually every industry have the opportunity to create new business value and generate positive impact on people and planet.


Our team brings sustainability and ESG expertise and experience to identify and define the changes required to create positive, sustainable impact. We help companies navigate the challenges and opportunities they see in achieving their business objectives and help unlock positive impact on people and planet.

Strategy Development

We work with companies to identify and prioritize their ESG risks and opportunities and create sustainable and responsible management approaches. 

  • ESG materiality analysis and strategy development
  • Embedding ESG commitments and metrics in core functions across the company
  • ESG leadership platforms 

Stakeholder Engagement

We develop and implement frameworks for safe and meaningful engagement with relevant ESG stakeholders who can help bring new insights to companies on what actions to take next. 

  • Aligning and building trusted relationships key stakeholders
  • Developing stakeholder mapping tools to identify new engagement opportunities
  • ESG reporting that meets stakeholder expectations and aligns with international standards and best practices

Responsible Sourcing

We work with companies to assess relevant ESG risks in their supply chains and to identify opportunities for new initiatives and industry-wide collaborations.

  • Supply chain risk mapping and analysis 
  • Research briefings of emerging supply chain issues
  • Field-level assessments across global supply chains
  • Strategic initiatives and collaborative opportunities to address industry-wide challenges