Responsible Innovation


Innovation drives business growth, but can also be used to address the world’s most critical challenges. As companies take emerging technologies to market at greater speed and scale, existing approaches can result in misuse and unintended consequences. If done responsibly, we believe the impact of innovation can be positive, deep, and enduring.

We host the Business Roundtable on Human Rights & AI to bring together representatives from companies at the forefront of artificial intelligence to collaborate on developing solutions for common challenges.


We introduce human rights and ethical considerations into the design and development process to maximize business growth and positive societal impact

Principles and Processes

We build ethical principles that outline parameters for the responsible design and deployment of new technologies.

  • Developing principles to guide ethical design and deployment of emerging technologies
  • Applying external standards and existing policies and values to the AI context
  • Translating “soft” principles (fairness, transparency, etc.) into “hard” engineering requirements
  • Developing customer due diligence frameworks and tools
  • Piloting engineering requirements and customer due diligence frameworks


We upskill and empower product teams to promote a culture of responsible innovation and respect for the rights of users and others affected by technology.

  • Interactive workshops with products teams to surface potential responsibility risks and identify solutions
  • Trainings with product teams to empower engineers to champion responsibility in their design efforts
  • Product principles design workshops to develop guidance for responsible approaches to decision making during development lifecycle


We conduct product assessments to surface and mitigate risks related to the unintended consequences and misuse of novel products.

  • Rapid assessments of new and existing products to stress test potential unintended consequences and misuse that could negatively impact users and vulnerable populations
  • Deep dive assessments of products for more robust risk surfacing and mitigation development
  • Rapid assessments of customers, partners, or business opportunities through the human rights and responsible innovation lens.